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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'M Possible Banner

Our school theme here at Krahn Elementary is 
"I'M Possible!"
We are going to create a banner that uses the contrast of color against 
black ad white. The colored pieces will stand out as the words in the banner. 

These are some of the pieces before the banner was put together. 
Cream of the Crop here...

Gonzolez's Class-5th grade
Maisy, Austyn, Brittney,
Muhammad, Jacob, Manuel,
Isabella, Kenut, Kambry,
Israel, Heila & Danitza

 Maddox's class -5th grade
Hailey, Jasmine, Saniyah,
Maci, Julia, David,
Aundres, Dalton & Bryan

Mrs. Meleski- 4th grade
Hailey, r.c., Shelby,
Grant, Addison, Angaline,
Jamilah, Jayden & Kelci.

Mrs. Thomas- Kindergarten
Alyssa, Caleb, Shelby & Tatum

Mrs. Burke's Class- 3rd grade
Kenneth, Nicholas,
 Maddison, Peyton,
Tunis & molly.

This Banner is from 2014-2015
You can see how when the colored pieces sit against the black and white pieces
the words begin to appear. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Impossible Creatures

Our theme for the school year is
"I'M Possible"

Students are to think of an animal they can create that is impossible. 
They can combine parts of other animals or make up their own creature. 

Begin lightly with pencil...
 Outline with black marker to help emphasize lines.
 Add details, texture or areas of darkness with a grey marker. 

Student Examples

Vivian, a kindergarten following directions and being creative

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Warm Plateaus

This project is using a method of crayon resist that I use often with my 
Elementary Art students. 

We are using the SouthWest paintings from 
Candy Barr as inspiration.

See also work of Ed Mel here...
Surrounding storm
 Image result for ed mel desert landscape

Things students will learn for this project:

What are NEUTRAL colors?
What is a PLATEAU?
BUTTE (small), MESA (medium), 

Learn about LANDFORMS...


I have done a complete unit with multiple grades on the subject of 
Hot Air Balloons. 
See here...

 Sky Painted, stars appear!

Needs more?
Add clouds. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I love GERMS!!! 
Well, not really. But, I love these germs creations that kindergarten imagined up!
We looked up images of real germs under a microscope. We studied their shapes, textures & colors, 
Students chose their favorite germ colored construction paper, drew the shape, emphasized it with a black marker line, colored them and added life like eyes. 
Good job cARTinals. 




Watch them GO!

Mrs. Fortner's Kindergarten class.

Mrs. Ayers Kinder class

Monday, May 15, 2017


My Personal Artwork 

Parts of a Mushroom

 Color Sheet

If this project has little time allowed, then I teach them about mushroom's role in the environment. 
They work as decomposers, taking the dead plants and animals and pulling out any left nutrients from them to grow. They do not need/use sunlight. They do not grow from a seed, instead from spores that are released in the air from the gills of other mushrooms. 
Many mushrooms are unsafe to eat. Some mushrooms attack other plants. 
There is a world of knowledge out there on Youtube and the WWW about these amazing "plants". 
 Sophi G./Third grade practice 

Lightly Draw out a scene with Mushrooms. 
I had a checklist of what my students were required to have on drawing:
-At least 3 mushrooms
-At least one from a perspective of underneath (showing gills)
-At least one from a perspective of above ( showing cap)
-Use of Overlapping
-Added details in picture (grass, bugs, animals)

 Outline with a permanent black marker
 Fill in background with fat scribbles or dot using a color scheme. 
Keep them close and big. 
It helps later if you outline the outside rim of the paper too.
 Water down paper starting at top and working down to get the marker to smear. 
 I had added some white areas ahead of time with crayon to see how it looked in the end after the water. This is the "resist"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SeaShells by the SeaShore

Blake, Titus,
 Andrew, olivia, 
Khloe & Taylor 
2nd Grade Artists from Mrs. Craig's class (above)

Martin, addyson, 
Christopher, no name, 
reighlyn & Alexis 
Say it ten times fast."She draws sea shells by the sea shore!"
Since Summer is on he horizon, it only seems fitting to draw Summer stuff. Seashells are a great way to teach balance, symmetry, contour line and form.
I created a number of How To Draw Sea Shell worksheets after studying shells myself. I am giving these to the students to practice with drawing the shells.

Students will draw 3 or more shells (all the same or different) in the middle of their paper.
Use a pencil and draw light, till you know it's right. 

Then go darker of use permanent marker. 

Use crayons to color the seashells (use lots of pressure to seal up all paper)
In the center of the paper, with a white crayon, draw small circles clumped together like grape clusters. This will be a line of sea foam that divides the water from the sand. 

 Paint the top protion above shells and bubbles with blues, greens and purples. 
Paint the bottom portion with yellows, oranges and browns. 
You should be able to paint on top of the seashells since you colored hard with crayon. 
The wax will resisit the watercolor and stay unaffected.

Madelynn, KindergARTen

 Alternative Idea

Use brown paper, draw the shells and outline with black marker.